Romantic Spring Wedding at Cairnwood Estate
Flora + Sean

 A Beautiful spring day at Cairnwood Estate, dog wood flowers just started to show their full blooms. A gorgeous wedding gown with dogwood flower pattern is just perfect for the bride and this spring wedding. 

As a librarian the bride used book chapter cards as table sign and the reception is held at the dinning room surround by book shelf, so elegant, cozy and feels very private. A romantic flower ring with candles light up in the center made a perfect centerpiece for this area.


Venue: Cairnwood Estate

Photographer: Adrienne Matz Photography

Videographer: Cosmolosco films 

Wedding Florist: Hexacres

Makeup artist: YMk Makeup

Hair Stylist: Ivy Han

Cater: Karen Spire Catering

Wedding dress: Jennifer’s Bridal

DJ: Cutting edge DJs